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"It is unrealistic to expect the entire working class to study leftist political theory and become militant anarchosyndicalists - however, this is not necessary for an anarchosyndicalist revolution to occur. The “theory” of anarchosyndicalism is not about dictating to workers what their political desires should be; it is about establishing political institutions which allow them to express these wills. That is to say, anarchosyndicalism does not seek to instill any specific political program in the minds of the working class - it merely insists that workers deserve to implement whatever political programs they see fit through self-administration.

At the same time, we realize that the working class has been systematically deceived into identifying their interests with capitalism and the “free market,” and as such, their revolutionary desires have been supplanted by the propaganda of the major political parties and bureaucratic trade unions. In order to present and demonstrate their political program to the workers, anarchosyndicalists should form separate political groups for the purpose of maintaining informal influence over the social movements and labor unions. For instance, the anarchosyndicalists of Spain formed the Iberian Anarchist Federation (FAI) to prevent the major anarchosyndicalist union (the National Confederation of Labor, or CNT) from being derailed to reformism. These anarchist political groups must work inside, not apart from, the unions and movements to maintain a revolutionary presence amongst workers."
Revolution in our Lifetime: Building a Revolutionary Movement (via voidlesscreams)

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from the »dictionary« series by bethany collins

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Lover’s Lane #24 (1951)